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Kali Mutty

Kali Mutty is a Los Angeles-based social entrepreneur, wellness expert, and public servant. Though Kali has worked in many fields, the common denominator of her work is one of service and putting the needs of her community above all else. Kali has successfully grown multi-million dollar brands, and has led massive national marketing campaigns across a variety of mediums and industries. She understands that accessibility to wellness and fitness is an essential Human Right and has worked tirelessly to make that dream a reality. 


Kali served as a councilmember for the Hollywood Studio Neighborhood Council from 2021-2023, representing over 35,000 constituents and made it her priority to assist her unhoused neighbors, push for ADA-compliant infrastructure, and create meaningful economic opportunities for those living in the heart of Hollywood. 


Her passion for service is not limited to her work in public office. Kali is a certified instructor of yoga and pilates and finds no greater joy than bringing wellness to others and sharing her passion with those embarking on their own health journies. Having worked for the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee in 2016, in April 2022 she was named by the Chair of the HSDNC as Special Liaison to the LA 2028 Olympic & Paralympic Games. 


Kali currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for Multihouse, a hybrid marketing and entertainment firm that works with a variety of world-renowned brands, studios, and networks. She has helped pioneer many social impact efforts and collaborations, and played a critical role in developing one of the largest Indigenous-focused advertising campaigns ever created in partnership with IllumiNative and the New Venture Fund. This effort helped raise awareness around COVID-19 vaccines for vulnerable Native communities and helped stop the spread of disinformation while saving lives. During her time in a leadership role at Multihouse, she has helped the company grow its revenue stream fivefold.


She has worked with dozens of non-profits, and in April 2022, Kali received a congressional award from Congressman Adam B. Schiff and a certificate of appreciation from the City of Los Angeles for her work on the Paul Williams Place Community Trust that helped restore a historic part of Los Angeles and renamed it after the late Paul R. Williams, the first Black architect in the American Institute of Architects and legendary public servant. Today she is spearheading the effort to build the Hollywood Walk of Light which hopes to shine a light on the ordinary Angelenos who have made a profound impact on the community.


Though Kali has worn many hats and has worked in a variety of industries - the common thread of her work is passion and a commitment to others. Whether bringing to life powerful campaigns for her clients, making meaningful change for her constituents, or inspiring individuals to courageously pursue their wellness journeys - Kali Mutty is a force to be reckoned with while epitomizing leadership, empathy, and creativity.  (Written by Michael Tessler)

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