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RYT200 Yoga // IM=X Pilates

Specialties // Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Yoga, Reformer Pilates, Yogalates (Yoga/Pilates Fusion on the Mat or Reformer), Bloating Relief

Employer Testimonial // Alessandra Haybittle (Owner, IMX Pilates)

Committed and professional, Kali won her spot right at the audition.  She is a lovely person and was flexible, being an exemplary professional during the almost 2 years she was with us. Her ability to interact with clients and her adaptation to the studio culture was very good, and her excellence in teaching yoga classes made us invite her to certify and teach pilates classes as well. Kali is also very creative and saw the opportunity to develop a unique class, combining the challenge of Yoga poses with the resistance and support of the reformer, implementing Yogalates.  She also supported us at studio events and social activities such as the breast cancer awareness events. Kali is a hardworking, high-performing instructor. She has my top recommendation, and I'll be happy to provide more details if you'd like additional information.

Client Testimonial // Betina Halaby

I had the pleasure to meet and take yoga and pilates classes with Kali for almost a year and enjoyed every session with her. She has her own unique style, a beautiful personality, always smiling, caters every class to the needs of her students, and gives other modifications if needed. I believe anything Kali teaches is amazing!

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